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Talking to Your Child About COVID-19

Recent events have changed our daily routines entirely, and activities as simple as going to the grocery store or going to school are completely different than they were just a few months ago.

Many children, like adults, are experiencing a lot of stress and uncertainty right now.  This uncertainty leads to lots of questions:  Why do we need masks?  Why can't I play with my friends?  When can I go to the store?

Our work with Conscious Discipline has taught us that children need to feel safe, connected and loved.  Explanations that are simple, clear and age appropriate create a sense of safety for children. 

We have collected some simple ideas and videos that will help you child understand that masks are just a tool to keep us safe.  We hope these resources will be helpful for your family.

Explanations that are simple, clear
and age-appropriate create a
sense of safety for children.
Story Time with Our Teachers

"Why are people wearing masks and gloves?" 

Ms. Jodi reads a story to explain masks and gloves to young children.

"Why can't I go to school?" 

Ms. Trinity reads a story to explain the quarantine gloves to young children.

Effective early childhood programs must be willing to adapt so they can truly meet the needs of children, families and the community.

Assessing new situations, researching options and adapting our practices is inherent in our commitment to providing exceptional quality programs.

Our COVID-19 Healthy & Safety Precautions are just one example of how we keep that commitment.

Want to learn more about how our program can make a difference for your family?
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Today and everyday, we promise that your child will be cared
for in an environment that is safe, loving, and healthy.

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