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Learning and Growing in VPK / PreK

Creativity and
Preparing for Kindergarten Through Hands-on Experiences
Learning Inside
and Outside the Classroom

Prekindergarten at First Discoveries

Why is prekindergarten so important?  The early childhood years form the foundation of a lifetime of learning.  So much more than just learning the alphabet and numbers, learning in prekindergarten helps, children develop creativity, problem solving, persistence and the ability to collaborate with others.  Our caring, experienced teachers give every child the care and attention they need to be successful in Kindergarten and throughout their lives.
Whether you have a VPK certificate or are looking for a private option, our program will provide your child with a high-quality learning experience where they will play, learn, and grow!

What is VPK?

The Voluntary Prekindergarten (VPK) program was created to make sure every child in Florida can gain the skills and knowledge they need to be successful learners in kindergarten and beyond.

The VPK certificate pays for a portion of the prekindergarten tuition. Children can use their VPK certificate either during the school year or over the summer, immediately before kindergarten entry.


Our VPK program provides opportunities for children to be creative problem-solvers and to build critical social and language skills so they can be successful in school and throughout life.

Who is eligible for VPK?

VPK is available for all Florida children in the year before they enter Kindergarten; there are no income restrictions.  Children must be either four or five years old on September 1st.


Any child who turns four years old after September 1st must wait until the next school year before being eligible for VPK.

To apply for a VPK certificate, visit the local early learning coalition:


If your child is not eligible for a VPK certificate, be sure to ask us about our private preschool and prekindergarten programs.

Building with Blocks


Did you know that creating complex block structures prepares children to be successful in math, literacy, and science?  Children use problem-solving, collaboration, and creativity in the block center ... all critical skills for success in school and in life!  Let's build!

Just a Little Water ...

We learn about living things as we plant seeds and care for them.  We rn that "soil" is good growing dirt that helps seeds grow, and we learn that seeds need sun and water ... but not too much water!  Our hands-on approach to learning includes real-life experiences that are interesting and meaningful to children!

Exploring Literacy Outside!

Learning doesn't stop when we go outside!  We use sidewalk chalk to explore letters and words, and we carry clipboards around to draw interesting objects and bugs.  A blanket is the perfect spot for some books, and a great place to rest after running and playing!

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