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Our programs have three important goals:

  • Create amazing, child-centered learning environments

  • Use a nature-based, eco-healthy approach

  • Collaborate with families and the community

Amazing Learning Environment

Founded by an early childhood expert with hands-on experience teaching young children, First Discoveries understands the importance of the early childhood years, and we are committed to creating amazing, child-centered learning environments that nurture children's development.  Our research-based curriculum focuses on creativity and problem-solving, ensuring that children are successful not just in school, but throughout their lives!


Nature-Based, Eco Healthy

We are committed to creating learning environments that are nature-based and eco-healthy.  We know that preschool children are fascinated by animals, plants and natural objects and we integrate them into our learning environments on a daily basis, from caring for gardens to building with sticks and shells.  To ensure children's health and safety, we are on an amazing journey to implement eco-healthy practices which include using non-toxic cleaning supplies, eating lots of fresh fruits and vegetables, recycling with the children, and using sustainable practices at our sites.


At First Discoveries, we’re passionate about collaborating with families and the local community.  We know that our programs are strongest when families are our partners, and we plan many fun ways for families to be involved in the school.  We also understand that the local community is rich with learning experiences for young children, and we enjoy connecting with the community through field trips and special events.  


Programs Offered
Preschool and VPK/PreK

We offer both half-day and full-day preschool programs for toddlers/twos, young preschool and VPK/PreK age children. Our preschool programs incorporate music, stories, art, play-based learning activities, and daily opportunities to explore our Outdoor Classrooms.


Private Kindergarten

In the 2016-2017 school year, we will offer a private kindergarten program that combines a child-centered learning environment with research-based curriculum.  

Elementary Age Programs

We provide afterschool care for children in the local elementary schools, including nutritious snack, homework assistance, and outdoor playtime.  On school holidays, we offer enrichment programs through field trips and special events.  Our amazing summer camp incorporates swimming, movie days, and field trips throughout the community to explore and learn all summer.

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