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Discovery Club
for School-Aged Children

Two elementary age girls holds a starfish during summer camp

First Discoveries is proud to offer our Discovery Club program for school-aged children, including both an after-school program during the school year and an amazing Summer Camp program.

Inspiring Imagination and Creativity

Inquiry-Based Learning Environment

Discovery is Elementary!
At First Discoveries, we understand that school-aged children don't always receive all the opportunities they need to explore their creativity and imagination. That's why we created Discovery Club, so that older children can continue to develop skills and explore the world in an inquiry-based learning environment that doesn't exist in most public schools. In Discovery Club, kids can test out new ways to solve problems and learn without the stress of assignments and strict curriculum. Here, kids can focus on what they really need: discovery.



Pickup from school for students at Brooker Elementary School.

Homework assistance from our educators, allowing kids a different perspective on how to find solutions and complete work.

Healthy, organic snacks that are both good for children and the environment.

Time on our large playground for extra exercise and outside exploration.

Daily activities that allow older children to flex their creative muscles and use their imagination.

Interested in registering you child for the Discovery Club? Contact us to learn more! 

Elementary age boy holding a starfish during summer camp.
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