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At First Discoveries, we understand the critical role of play in fostering a children’s healthy development.  In preschool and kindergarten, play is a child’s most important work.  It is through play that children explore, learn, and grow.  As they play, children use language to share ideas and negotiate with peers, they practice and refine social skills, and they discover ways to solve interesting problems.  Play enhances problem-solving and creativity, important skills for children to be successful in school and throughout life.


Our daily routines include many opportunities for playful learning.

  • Family style meals support children's emerging independence as they pour their own milk and clean up their messes.

  • Daily 

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FAQs About Our Curriculum

Will my child be prepared for kindergarten?

Yes!  First Discoveries graduates are very well prepared to be successful not just in kindergarten, but throughout life.  Our programs enhance children's development in all domains, from building fine and gross motor skills, to enhancing language and social skills, to stimulating cognitive skills.  While we work on the alphabet and other basic skills, we understand the importance of focusing on problem-solving and healthy brain development.  Our graduates are creative, confident problem-solvers that are eager to take on new challenges!


What curriculum do you use at First Discoveries?

Our children benefit from a very child-centered early childhood program, with lots of rich learning experiences.  Our curriculum is based on several approaches:

  • Beyond Centers and Circle Time: Developed by Dr. Pamela Phelps and based on early childhood research, this curriculum creates the framework for our play-based learning and guides the teachers as they plan activities and assess children's development.

  • Conscious Discipline:  Developed by Dr. Becky Bailey and based on extensive brain research, Conscious Discipline guides teachers as we help children develop the social-emotional skills that are critical for success in school and in life.  We help children learn to recognize their own emotions, develop self-regulation, and learn to work cooperatively with others.

  • Project Approach: Our Kindergarten program includes in-depth studies that invite children to develop and practice math, literacy and science skills as they learn about interesting topics.

  • All of our experiences revolve around a STEAM approach -- integrating Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math in meaningful ways.  From creating block structures to working in the gardens, our learning experiences inspire children to learn every day.


Can a play-based curriculum really prepare my child for success?

Yes!  Play-based preschools and kindergartens have many advantages!  Children who participate in high-quality, play-based early childhood programs learn so much more than just the alphabet and other basic skills.  They develop the ability to problem-solve, communicate effectively, and use perspective-taking.  They are also more willing to take on challenges and able to engage in self-directed, engaged learning.  Brain research indicates that these skills are crucial for success not just in kindergarten, but throughout life.


How can I support my child's learning at home?

Young children are always learning, always developing, always growing.  There are many opportunities for families to support children's learning at home, from reading books together to going on a grocery store scavenger hunt.  Our teachers communicate regularly with families, sharing ideas that can be implemented at home to support your child's development.


Do you have scholarship programs for preschool and kindergarten?

Yes!  We participate in several programs to help make our programs affordable for families:

  • School Readiness, administered by Hillsborough County Public Schools, provides childcare vouchers for working families that meet financial criteria.  While there is a waitlist for this program, we encourage eligible families to apply.

  • VPK (Voluntary PreKindergarten), administered by the Early Learning Coalition, provides part-time preschool for four-year-olds to prepare them for kindergarten.   Children must be four years old by September 1st; there are no financial requirements to participate.


Our kindergarten program accepts three scholarships administered through the Office of School Choice:

  • McKay Scholarship (allows children with special needs to attend a private school of their choice)

  • Step-Up Scholarship (financial-need based scholarship)

  • Step-Up Personal Learning Account / Gardiner Scholarship (allows families to pay for a variety of services, including private school tuition and therapy,  for children with special needs)


We also have a limited amount of funding for scholarships for children in foster care and for the children of deployed military families.  We invite families who are eligible to apply for discounted tuition.


I'm looking for a school, not a daycare.  Is your program right for my child?

First Discoveries Academy offers research-based early childhood programs for preschool, VPK, kindergarten and summer camp, as well as an afterschool program.  Our programs are so much more than a daycare.  Our experienced teachers are dedicated to enhancing children's development, and our child-centered programs offer daily opportunities for children to grow and learn.  We are confident that our program will meet the needs of your child and your family.  We invite you to schedule a tour today and find out more!

What is the highest grade in your private school program?

Our Kindergarten/Primary class is a mixed-age class serving kindergarten and first grade as well as some older children.  Generally, students are kindergarten age or younger when they are admitted to First Discoveries.  We can answer your questions during the tour! 




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