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Kindergarten/Primary Multi-Age Class
Serving Brandon, Valrico, Bloomingdale & Fishhawk

Every child is unique, with individual strengths, interests & needs.  Developmental early childhood programs appreciate these differences, creating child-centered environments that build on children's strengths & interests while meeting the individual needs of each child.

Creativity & Problem-Solving
Project-Based Approach

First Discoveries Academy is excited to offer an amazing developmental kindergarten/primary class beginning in the 2019-2020 school year.  Serving the Brandon, Valrico, Bloomingdale, and Fishhawk areas, our multi-age K-2 class will nurture the growth and development of each child to inspire a life-long love of learning.  

Our program is based on the latest brain research and features:

  • High academic standards so children are successful in school and throughout life

  • Individualized instruction and one-on-one developmental assessments

  • A child-centered classroom that encourages communication and cooperation

  • Play-based learning experiences that build on children's strengths and interests

  • Hands-on learning experiences that encourage children to use their senses to explore their world


Literacy in Early Childhood

Project Approach

  • Reading and writing for real purposes with a focus on expressing ideas and comprehending written text.

  • Comprehensive developmental literacy continuum ensures that all critical skills are mastered and that each child benefits from individualized instruction.

  • Small group, individualized instruction to build a strong foundation of literacy for your child.

  • Alphabet Knowledge, Phonemic, Fluency, Print Concepts, Vocabulary/Oral Language, Comprehension, 


Building a life-long love of reading!



  • In-depth study of interesting topics that build on children's interests and strengths.

  • Integrates math, literacy, and science into meaningful activities that build on children's innate desire to explore and make sense of their world.

  • Focus on critical thinking skills:  problem-solving, creativity, communication, perspective-taking, and more.

  • Authentic learning experiences that involve children in decision-making, researching, & discovery.


Inspiring a life-long love of learning!




Brandon's Only Eco-Healthy School... endorsed by the Children's Environmental Health Network (CEHN), your child benefits from the healthiest possible learning environment.

Handwriting Without Tears ... a developmental handwriting program that teaches correct letter formation with songs, games and fun activities.

Amazing Outdoor Classroom ... With two large playgrounds and a spacious gazebo, learning doesn't have to stay in the classroom!  Our children explore our outdoor classroom every day to strengthen their bodies and minds.  Let's move and explore!

Goats and Gardens ... Children get hands-on science lessons as they help grow and harvest herbs & vegetables in our organic gardens.  They also play with and care for Moonshadow and our other gentle Nigerian Dwarf goats.  

Certified, Experienced Teacher ... Ms. Cindy, our Kindergarten teacher, has a Masters degree in Early Childhood and is certified by the state of Florida and holds National Board Certification.

FAQ about the Kindergarten/Primary Class at First Discoveries

Would my child benefit from your multi-age Kindergarten/Primary class?

Yes!  Our curriculum builds on each child's unique strengths and interests.  We understand that all children do not learn the same things, in the same way, at the same time.  Instead, we plan rich learning experiences that encourage each child to reach his / her potential.


What are the benefits of a multi-age class?

Our kindergarten/ primary class serves children ages 5 to 8 years old, spanning kindergarten, first grade, and second grade.


Multi-age classes have many benefits:

  • When children stay with the same teacher for two or three years, teachers build a strong relationship with each child, allowing them to motivate and inspire each child.

  • Older children build leadership skills and develop deeper understandings of topics being studied as they share their discoveries with their younger peers.  Younger children are exposed to challenging, interesting problems as they learn from the older children in the classroom.

  • Teachers focus on the developmental stage of each child, allowing them to individualize the curriculum.  As a result, each child experiences challenges and successes as they grow and learn together. 


For more information: Benefits of multi-age classes 


Are children with special needs welcome to enroll?

Yes, our program is designed to meet the needs of all children, including children with developmental disabilities, children who are learning English as a Second Language, and children who need extra support or extra challenge to reach their potential.  We work with therapists, including speech therapists and ABA therapists, and our teachers have participated in ABA training.


Do you offer scholarships?

Yes! We participate in the scholarships sponsored by the Office of School Choice, including the McKay Scholarship, the Step-Up Scholarship, and the Gardiner Personal Learning Scholarship Account. The Step-Up Scholarship is for low-income families, while the McKay and Gardiner programs are for children with special needs. 


Do you follow Common Core Curriculum Standards?

Our curriculum is based on research and best practices in early childhood education.  Many of our graduates will attend public schools, others will attend private schools and some will be home-schooled.  Our curriculum goal is to ensure that all graduates will be successful as they continue their education.  We accomplish this by offering children a range of diverse learning experiences, assessing and documenting children's growth and development and communicating children's progress to parents regularly.


What is the tuition for your program?  

Our tuitions rates for the current school year are available here.


Do you offer before/after school care?

Yes, we offer before and afterschool programs.  See the tuition sheet in the office for details.


How do we enroll in the Kindergarten/Primary Multi-age Class at First Discoveries?

Enrollment begins by scheduling a tour of the school!  After your enrollment, we will schedule a day for your child to visit the school and provide you with enrollment information about enrollment.  Call today to schedule your tour!




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