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Pumpkin Fun

October was such a great month at First Discoveries!  Our preschoolers, VPK and school-age classes explored pumpkins, created and played in their own pumpkin patch, dressed up for a Storybook parade and had a tasty pizza party!  So much fun!

  • We cut open a pumpkin and learned about the inside of a pumpkin.  Have you touched the inside of a pumpkin?  Our kids love hands-on explorations and they all helped to pull out the seeds!

  • Did you know that pumpkins come in many sizes and shapes?  We explored pumpkins of all sizes, from pie pumpkins to pumpkins big enough to carve!  By holding and comparing small, medium and large pumpkins, young children begin to develop an understanding of measurement, both size, and weight.

  • What is your favorite story?  It's a tradition at First Discoveries to dress up as a character from your favorite storybook.  We had many creative costumes this year, including an amazing train costume that was handmade!  Thanks to all the families that participated!


Lots of great pictures below ... be sure to click on "show more" to open the rest of the pictures!

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